Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Winding Down

So our program is coming to an end so I have spent most of my time lately trying to finish up work I have put off all semester while traveling around. I am definately getting read to live in my own apartment again, going from living on your own to living with a "family" (in my case a senora) again is not easy. She has gotten upset with us a few times recently for things that were accidents or out of our control completely and I am about ready to leave. It is interesting because in one of her rants about how immature we are she bragged about the fact that her daughter moved out of the house at 28! My roommate and I didn't tell her that we lived alone at home already. It is actually completely normal here to live with your parents until you are at least 30. All of the people at our university that are Spanish are living with their parents and if they're not (a very small percentage) they are living with other students because they actually left their home city to go to school (like I said, very rare).
Well I will try to keep you updated as I travel around after my program, I am leaving Sevilla on May 23rd to go to Greece, Italy, and Switzerland where I will be skydiving!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quick Updates

So I just got back from a weekend in Lagos, Portugal which is basically just a small beach town that fills with tourists during the summer months. The beaches were really nice with cliffs and lots of places to explore or just relax.
However, the big news is that Feria was last week. Feria is a festival in Sevilla where people come from all over to basically just hang out with friends and family and eat and drink for a week. Huge tents are set up in a large open space and companies or families can rent a tent for the week (it's not cheap). With the tent comes a bartender and a cook and they basically spend the week there eating and hanging out with their friends. It is quite an affair seen as no one works and everyone basically just takes the week off to party. Women wear their colorful flamenco dresses and dance the Sevillano which is a local dance and everyone just basically relaxes for a week. There is even a fair on the grounds for the kids, including rides and two ferris wheels.
I have to go now though because I am using my short time on the internet to reserach for a project. More updates soon!