Sunday, March 15, 2009


So I've been planning some trips so here is a preview of what I will be doing in the upcoming months...
Next weekend I go to Extramadura with my program. It is supposed to be a pretty relaxing trip but I know there is a 10 mile hike included so that should be fun!
The first week in April I head to Morocco for six days, including spending the night in the desert and riding camels!
After Morocco my parents will be here for Semana Santa for a few days and then Easter.
After Semana Santa I go to Barcelona with my program for a long weekend and then hopefully will spend the next week hiking around northern Spain, or at least traveling through northern Spain.
After that it is Feria which is another huge festival in Sevilla and the second half of Feria I will be going to Lagos Portugal!
That's my last trip during my program and afterwards I am flying to Greece and hopefully traveling around through Greece and Italy and maybe skydiving in Switzerland!

Semana Santa

Semana Santa is a huge festival in Spain during holy week (the week before easter) and one of the biggest, maybe the biggest, festival in all of Spain is in Sevilla. It is still a few weeks away and already bleachers are being set up and you can see people praciticing in the streets. Yesterday I walked by a group of men carrying a cage which apparently during Semana Santa will have people in it. I'm not sure exactly what happens for Semana Santa but I will keep you updated!
Here is a link to a video about Semana Santa in spain if you want to check it out!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The internet here is becoming harder and harder to find unfortunately. Some days it works at school, some days it doesn't and that seems to be the case even for the cafes that are supposed to have internet near my house.
However, here are some updates....
My friend Philip is visiting this week and so my host Senora invited him to eat lunch at our house. She made her favorite Sevillian dish that includes about five different kinds of meat that she cooks in a soup and then serves the soup as the first course and the meat mixed together with bread as the second course. After that we had desert and then of course coffee. It was about a four or five hour meal and it was really fun to get to see Christina (my host mom) play hostess. She has had people over for meals before but we have never been invited because of lack of space at the table.
As for other updates, I had my first round of tests at school which were mid-terms, which in the US would be a big deal but here they do'nt really count for much and they are not really even that hard, thank goodness.
My internet seems to be going but I will post again soon!