Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Barcelona was a lot of fun but I am definitely glad that I decided that study in Sevilla. Although there was a lot to do in Barcelona seen as it was a bigger city, more like Madrid, I think that after a weekend or a week it could get old. We did get the opportunity to see some really nice museums and architecture but the city itself was a lot like other big cities around the world. On the first day we took a bus tour through the city and got to see the different areas, including a park designed by Gaudi which was really interesting. We also went on the first day to the Picasso museum which was different than you would expect. The collection on display was not his usual work but a lot of his earlier work (starting from when he was 15!!). The museum went from room to room with different periods of his life explaining how learned and became the type of artist that he was. It was really interesting to see the progression of his work and to see how he started out mostly copying other famous artists.
On the second day we walked around a lot and visited some of the Gaudi houses. Although we only got to go in one because they were somewhat expensive to get into it was really awesome to get to see his work. We went in the Casa Mila which is probably one of his most famous buildings and was actually designed as an apartment building and is still used partially as apartments today. It was amazing how he had designed the building so that there were no supports in the walls so people could move the walls freely to design the space to their liking. My favorite part of the apartment building was definitely the roof. There were a ton of chimneys but they were all designed so differently that I did not even know they were chimneys until they told us.
That’s all for now, I am currently trying to catch up on all of my work that I have put off. This coming weekend I will be in Valencia, the third biggest city in Spain and then the following weekend will be in Lagos Portugal! Hopefully I can get rid of the cough that I am getting before I continue traveling!

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